Premium roasted Californian Almonds - A fantastic source of nutrients & antioxidants. Eating almonds reduces hunger & lowers your low density cholesterol.

Premium Turkish Dried Dates - A natural energy booster, they also aid brain function strengthen the stomach.

    Freshly roasted Coconuts - Contains powerful antioxidants & are highly nutritious. Helps keep the heart healthy.

      Vegan | Gluten - Free | No Preservatives | No added flavours | No added Sugar

      How It Started?

      Hello, I'm Mridula Kanoria, the founder of Eat Better.

      In my family where all of us were working, travelling, entertaining, keeping odd hours, snacks were always in demand.

      But most snacks available off the shelf were unhealthy & full of preservatives. The few healthy snacks that I could find did not taste good and felt like a compromise.

      So I started experimenting in the kitchen to try and come up with snacks that were both healthy AND tasty.

      My food experiments over the last 20 years led to the birth of my healthy snack brand "Eat Better".

      Our recipes combine age-old food wisdom with modern-day nutritional needs. Only the best of ingredients, carefully selected, make their way into our snacks. Hygiene and cleanliness in my workshop are at obsessive levels.

      I hope our nutritious and delicious snacks help you and your family to Eat Better and live healthier lives.