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Our Story

Hi, I'm Mridula Kanoria, the founder of Eat Better.

In my family where all of us were working, travelling, entertaining, keeping odd hours, snacks were always in demand.

But most snacks available off the shelf were unhealthy & full of preservatives. The few healthy snacks that I could find did not taste good and felt like a compromise.

So I started experimenting in the kitchen to try and come up with snacks that were both healthy AND tasty.

My food experiments over the last 20 years led to the birth of my healthy snack brand "Eat Better".

Our recipes combine age-old food wisdom with modern-day nutritional needs. Only the best of ingredients, carefully selected, make their way into our snacks. Hygiene and cleanliness in my workshop are at obsessive levels.

I hope our nutritious and delicious snacks help you and your family to Eat Better and live healthier lives.

If you never try, you will never know

Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box
Assorted Snack Box

Assorted Snack Box

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A box full of six healthy and delicious snacks that are Vegan & Gluten-Free.

🌴 100% Natural & Handmade
🧁 Have no added sugar
🧂 No artificial flavours or Preservatives

Inside the Box:

1) The Better Laddoo - Vanilla & Cacao

Dense flavours of natural cacao, paired with a crunch from the nuts. Mild hints of vanilla to leave a pleasant aftertaste. Ridiculously delicious healthy laddoos without any added sugar.

2) The Better Trail Mix

A delicious combination of premium nuts and seeds. Roasted & seasoned with our secret spice mix. Good health and taste in every bite.

3) Premium Nut Mix

Premium nuts sourced from all over the word come together in this lip-smacking mix. Roasted and lightly spiced using zesty Indian spices.

4) The Better Munch

A lip-smacking combination of Premium Californian Almonds, Turkish Dried Dates & fresh coconuts. Hand-chopped & roasted using traditional Indian methods.

5) The Better Seed Mix - Spiced Jaggery

A delightful combination of Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame, Melon and Watermelon seeds. Roasted and flavoured with organic jaggery, ginger, cracked-pepper & Ajwain.

 6) The Better Laddoos - Orange & Cacao

Rich intense cacao pairs seamlessly with the freshness of oranges. Followed by warm notes of caramel and the nuttiness of roasted almonds.

The box contains a  total of six snacks packs of 100 grams each.


Customer Reviews

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arpit mehta

Taste which requires to bring down the cost


Ladoo kamaal hai ji

Murali S
Great quality but too expensive

When we get quality stuff we don't mind paying for it. But that cannot justify the high cost. My wife got individual packets of the nuts and measured and calculated the price. It was almost double. So..... Good job.....thank you ..... Bad pricing in a price sensitive market.

Good assortment!

Nice assortment! Good logistics. A bit pricey! Loved the sweet laddoos. The seeds mix had a bit more salt than needed?

Marvelous snack

Though price is high, worth for nutritious and healthy snack

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Better. Definitely.

Ordered the combo pack. The packing arrived in perfect shape. I was apprehensive of the glass packaging but it was well cushioned and looked like great amount of detailing had gone into it. So far so good.
The jars looked great. Hadn't expected them to be virgin glass quality which is just right for food grade.
The quality and taste of the snack was outstanding. The freshness of the ingredients and the crunch was just right. No oily smudges, just well roasted as they had promised it would be. Generous dry fruit content. Maybe 4-5 times of the nearest competitor product. The seeds too and the seasoning was just right.
While I wrote the review I ordered the refill packs. Need I say more !!!

Puneet Bhatia
Vice President - American Express

My family has ordered and relished various items from eat better. The items - dry fruits, laddoos, all uniquely curated is fantastic - in terms of taste and healthy too. Love ordering and eating from eat better.

Sanjeev Moghe
Executive Vice President - Axis Bank

I tried an assortment of Eat Better snacks and my family and I really loved them!

Fresh, high quality and really tasty.

When we were evaluating gifting options for last festive season we naturally thought of them again- and all the folks we gifted to loved them as well

Neat packaging also is a plus. In summary, strongly recommend Eat better !

T.R. Ramachandran
Group Country Manager - Visa

Healthy munchies!

Wonderful packaging, tasty, wholesome, filling and efficient delivery made it a very enjoyable experience.

Keep up the good work and add more products to your range soon!

Avishek Dutt

Love it

Absolutely love your stuff ! Such a great discovery.

Bakul Dua

I think the quality was really good. I liked the mixed nuts packet the best.

Amandeep Lohan
Category Leader at Amazon